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Hi all,

I made this UWP app a while back and it's taken some time for me to make it better. I think it's at a decent place now, but would love to get some feedback from desktop users. Let me know what you think:


Apparently even the name doesn't seem to be confirmed, with it already late. I'm not quite sure but shouldn't it have been released in March (03) of 2018? I can't seem to find a proper feature list too anywhere.


Yes! Microsoft claims to have sold 50k units of Hololens so far. This info comes from this video on YouTube: The video comes from European Inventor Award being organised in Europe. Alex Kipman is one the nominees for the best inventor for his works in holoportation and Hololens device. In the video Kipman explains how Hololens works. The narrator of the videos does states that Microsoft has sold 50k copies of the device so far;")


I would try to type something and only get one character, all else would be removed in a millisecond or so.

I scanned for virus with multiple engines. Tried cleaning cache, temporary files, reinstalling Edge, Updates.

I used to be a programmer but am disabled now, can't keep track of my thoughts, I would give up after some minutes and try some more later. Week went by. Finally about a week later, I found the problem....

My xBox controller i had tried and stopped using and long forgotten had fallen behind the desk and was upside down pushing on the controls and was causing Edge to whack out.

Diagnosis: I'm a functional idiot.


Seriously, I want that piece of malware gone. I try to stop the process in task manager, it comes back.

I try to disable it in the group policy setter and then disable it in task manager, it comes back.

Go into regedit, set a dword to disable it, go to task manager and kill the process. It. Still. Comes. Back.

WTF Windows.

  • edit: not confirmed, it can be a bug

Connect to WiFi when desktop is ready to use.

I don't know if they got installed after, but today while doing a fresh install, I decided to not connect to WiFi and they didn't get installed so far. Start menu layout was replaced mostly by inbox apps and Windows Store updates didn't install them either.


I have been getting the error package could not be registered whenever I try opening any media, from mp4 to jpg/png. I tried running the "sfc/scannow" but get stuck in a bug where it constantly says there is a "repair pending" but nothing ever happens. Do I need to reset my PC? What exactly is going on?


I'm looking to mount a permanent network drive over the internet (Windows 10 client laptop, Ubuntu host VPS). Any suggestions? I'm looking into both Samba/SMB and SSHFS, but both are coming up short on documentation. Has anyone here done something similar?

tl;dl: laptop with tiny ssd. vps with 2tb hdd. want to mount as network drive over the internet. please advise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^_^


I own an Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11, and lately I have been trying to update it to no avail. It keeps saying I have "low disk space". I have no idea which programs I should delete because I'm afraid it will cause the whole computer to crash and burn. Any advice?


Im trying to make reset my laptop so i can start from 0, but it says "there was a problem resseting l your pc. No changes were made", i just dont get whats happening


Not very experienced here so please bare with me:

The PC keeps on resetting itself

I have tried the "startup Repair" but it says the the PC can not be fixed and gives me this: d:\windows/system32/logfiles/srt/srttrail.txt

I have tried to restore the system to an earlier date, but still no luck.

Anyone been through this or know how to fix it.


Hi all,

Was one of the early win 10 users that got the free upgrade from win 8. I’m looking to reinstall fresh so I can have an efi install instead.

Question is, how do I get/find my key so it will activate a fresh install of win10 properly? Or as I was the free upgrade can I just use my win 8 key? Can’t find a clear position on this and would like to know before I wipe a drive and try start fresh.

Further, I found that creator update allows for conversion of legacy install to efi without a fresh format (even though fresh is best of course) and was wondering if anyone has done it and had success/issues etc I should be worried about? This might be the better option if the above key stuff presents an issue.

Many thanks.


I can't delete a folder. It's on a second non-OS hard drive. Windows is telling me: "You Need Permission to Perform This Action". How can I delete it?

Let me start by saying I've googled this for a while. Found all kinds of solutions proposed. None of them have worked for me. Most of these solutions involved going to and fiddling with settings there. Enabling inheritance, changing ownership, replacing child object permissions...none of these things have worked. Generally when I try any of these methods it tells me access is denied.

Any suggestions on how to delete this? And (perhaps this is impossible) tell me how this started in the first place?

Right now the ownership for this folder says that everyone has full access. But apparently that is not the case.


edit - Seems like I was able to delete it by changing permissions on the drive itself rather than the folder. I swear I tried that once already, but it seemed to work the second time. Thanks to everyone who offered solutions.


Pretty much the title. I spent all day working on a final project for school and then accidentally overwrote it with an old version of the same file that I had on a flash drive. Is there any way to recover it that I don't know about?

I've already tried: -Checking the recycling bin -Trying to restore a previous version under properties -Downloading file-recovery software (Recuva)



Long story short, I think (some time ago) I deleted OneNote's default blocknote, which was in OneDrive Documents, to replace it with another one named after my nickname.

So now I got a "roughnecks" blocknote which I'm currently using, but if I click on "more blocknotes" link, I can see the old blocknote with my real name still listed... Problem is I cannot open it, as it's missing from OneDrive and I cannot even delete it from OneNote's list (this is what I'd like to do).

Any advice on what to do with it? Should I just let it be?



I am in full panic mode right now I have no idea what is going on.

Ever since I formatted by my PC with an SSD and a fresh install of Windows, I have found corrupted documents on my mechanical storage drive. The drive in question passed 2 check disks and has a clean bill in CrystalDiskInfo. The only corrupted files I can find are recently edited documents and text files. These files were edited 1-2 weeks ago by me. They have been overwritten, not saved, with gibberish that looks like it has to do with a Windows install and program installs.

Here is example

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