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  • Windows key + G opens up the "Game Bar", this allows you to take screenshots or record footage in games.

  • Windows key + X comes up with this menu with useful shortcuts

  • You can mount/burn .iso images to disks directly from File Explorer by right clicking on the ISO file and choosing the option through the context menu.

  • You can click on a title letter in the "All apps" list from the Start Menu which triggers a nice zoom-out animation and displays the alphabet for quick access to a specific letter. (Example)

  • You can narrow down search results to a single type (like files) by first typing the name of the section followed by a colon. For example:
    files:jqu <-- this would find jquery files.
    This works for basically all section headers (apps: settings: web: folders: etc)

  • Windows Key + C opens a "Cortana listening" window.

  • You can resize the start menu to be only the left side if you unpin all the tiles, and then grab the border with the mouse and pull it inwards

  • If you want or don't want the taskview, touch keyboard or Cortana/search icons on your taskbar, you can toggle them on off by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting your preferred state.

  • If you want to remove the login authentication search "netplwiz", untick "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer", hit apply and a screen will appear to type in your password. This does not bypass the login screen, just authentication.

  • You can use Win+Ctrl+Left/Right arrow to quickly switch between desktops, Win+Ctrl+D to create new virtual desktop and Win+Crtl+F4 to close the current virtual desktop.

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