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Seriously, I want that piece of malware gone. I try to stop the process in task manager, it comes back.

I try to disable it in the group policy setter and then disable it in task manager, it comes back.

Go into regedit, set a dword to disable it, go to task manager and kill the process. It. Still. Comes. Back.

WTF Windows.


Hey there.

So I've been pushing off the latest update for months. Windows kept getting more an more aggressive to the point of installing Update Assistant every single time I turned my PC on.

I've tried everything Google has to say to disable updates. Metered connection, removing the Assistant install in the scheduler, etc. etc.

I turn on my PC yesterday and the inevitable happened: "Preparing updates."

Welp, there goes my custom Windows theme.

When it's finally done, I get a login screen. I had set mine not to prompt for login screen. OK whatever. Should be easy to disable again on the new version. I log into my Microsoft account. Except that it accepts the password, fades the screen to black, then the log in screen comes on again. This endless login loop.

Luckily, I created a restore point a couple of weeks ago just for this scenario. I SHIFT-restart and load up Windows Restore. Only it doesn't see any restore points now.

Of course. Why would it?

So I guess my main questions are how can I get Windows to either log me in or see the restore point I made?

Thanks for any help.


I'm on Windows 7 and considering buying a legitimate license of Windows 10. One thing that's holding me off is that I could drop nearly £100 on Windows 10, only for the next version of Windows to release in the coming years and then have to pay to upgrade again.

I doubt it's been confirmed, but any thoughts or insight on whether it'll be a free upgrade to the next version of Windows (11, 12, or whatever...)


I want to downgrade to 8.1 because I have a HDD and Windows 10 is slow on it. How secure 8.1 is compared to 10?


Sorry for what is probably a dumb question but I'm currently working abroad (Canadian in Germany) and was given an allowance to buy a laptop for work. I now have a Windows laptop on Acer. I don't know how to do anything on a Windows since my personal computers have been Macs for years and because of the language taking it out of the box, a flatmate set it up for me. Everything is fine except he made a spelling error on my given name (easy typo to do with my name and what he typed is how you’d spell it from how to is said in German) and now all my folders have the wrong spelling and it is driving me insane - everything is C:\Users\misspelledname\Desktop even after making a new log in account.

How can I fix this because it is driving me insane. My computer is only a couple of days old so no big deal if I have to delete things but I am at my wits end with it and really just want the right spelling in my directory.


Yet another attempt to foist the execrable Bing upon us.

Stop trying to make Bing happen. It's not going to happen.


I am in full panic mode right now I have no idea what is going on.

Ever since I formatted by my PC with an SSD and a fresh install of Windows, I have found corrupted documents on my mechanical storage drive. The drive in question passed 2 check disks and has a clean bill in CrystalDiskInfo. The only corrupted files I can find are recently edited documents and text files. These files were edited 1-2 weeks ago by me. They have been overwritten, not saved, with gibberish that looks like it has to do with a Windows install and program installs.

Here is example


I just opened Microsoft Store and checked if there were available updates, for some reason it began downloading a game called - "March of Empires: War of Lords" by itself. I've never heard about this before game before. Is this a Microsoft store feature, bug or what is it? I know Windows come installed with a few apps, but I successfully managed to uninstall them.


Yeah, so Xbox 1804 update is now public, really I think that it unfair to us PC users who have to wait longer due to some BSOD bug that needed to be fixed.

Maybe it just me but I think that everyone should get 1804 at the same time - so Xbox users, PC users etc all get treated fairly. Find a bug in one edition? Fine, just delay everything :)


Pretty much the title. I spent all day working on a final project for school and then accidentally overwrote it with an old version of the same file that I had on a flash drive. Is there any way to recover it that I don't know about?

I've already tried: -Checking the recycling bin -Trying to restore a previous version under properties -Downloading file-recovery software (Recuva)


Hey everyone.

Quick & super basic question.

Will connecting my phone through the Windows 10 feature slow it down?

Relevant image that shows what I'm talking about.

Thanks all.


I don't want to store my bitlocker recovery info on Microsoft's cloud (increased attack surface area), and I don't want it on some physical medium either, since I won't take it everywhere I go or I could lose it. However, in the event BitLocker goes into recovery mode (if I fiddle with some BIOS settings or pop open my laptop's back cover) and I don't have the numeric code, I'm pretty much screwed.

Is there a way I can exchange the numeric code for a (long and complicated) password I can memorize? I'm even willing to enter the password on every boot, if that's what it takes, as I'm already doing that for my LUKS encrypted linux partition.

Note: I don't want to disable TPM


I used my friends laptop to test one of the net users command( I don't know anything about it one of my other friend gave me this command)

net users hari - asdfghjkl

So what I thought it would do was change the password to asdfghjkl so I restarted the laptop when entered it shows incorrect password and when he used his fingerprint scanner to unlock it (his laptop has one) it shows "Your password was changed on different device. You must sign in to this device once with your new password, and then you can sign in with windows hello"

He was signed into this laptop with Microsoft account.

So what to do now? We have an exam tomorrow and we need the laptop to study for the exam. Please guys! Help us out.


I have a PC with 2 hard drives.

1 Drive has Windows 10 installed and works, the other drive has 2 partitions, one parititon has data, the other partition is empty.

I have no USB or DVD drive.

How can I install the free trial version of Windows 10 from the Microsoft website to the empty partition without using a USB or DVD drive?


When I try to do a clean install of Win 10, I'm running into "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I had the PC running fine in AHCI mode, but I have been trying to switch my new PC into Rapid Storage Technology mode so I can configure two HDDs in RAID 1 for storage of media etc., while my OS and programs will be on a single SSD. This is my setup:

-Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 Z370 motherboard, F6 bios -Intel I7 8700k cpu -Samsung Evo 860 1 TB SSD

This is what I'm doing:

1) Switch BIOS from AHCI to Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System Acceleration.

2) Boot from Win 10 USB installer.

3) In Win 10 installer, my SSD drive shows up at the "Where do you want to install windows" screen as completely unallocated

4) Win 10 installer pops message saying it can't be installed to this disk.

5) Click "Load Driver" and go through the Intel F6 RST driver install using a another USB drive that contains the Intel driver files. Select the SATA/PCIe RST premium controller (iastorAC.inf). Driver seems to install fine (no errors).

6) Return to "Where do you want to install windows" screen showing my unallocated SSD. Try to install to SSD, but get error "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

Been hitting my head against the wall the last few days trying to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1 point

I'm using a program called parsec to stream my desktop to a mobile device, and would love to take advantage of Windows touch and gesture support.

The problem is parsec seems to convert the input to mouse emulation, with no configs to change this.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

  • edit: not confirmed, it can be a bug

Connect to WiFi when desktop is ready to use.

I don't know if they got installed after, but today while doing a fresh install, I decided to not connect to WiFi and they didn't get installed so far. Start menu layout was replaced mostly by inbox apps and Windows Store updates didn't install them either.


I can't delete a folder. It's on a second non-OS hard drive. Windows is telling me: "You Need Permission to Perform This Action". How can I delete it?

Let me start by saying I've googled this for a while. Found all kinds of solutions proposed. None of them have worked for me. Most of these solutions involved going to and fiddling with settings there. Enabling inheritance, changing ownership, replacing child object permissions...none of these things have worked. Generally when I try any of these methods it tells me access is denied.

Any suggestions on how to delete this? And (perhaps this is impossible) tell me how this started in the first place?

Right now the ownership for this folder says that everyone has full access. But apparently that is not the case.


edit - Seems like I was able to delete it by changing permissions on the drive itself rather than the folder. I swear I tried that once already, but it seemed to work the second time. Thanks to everyone who offered solutions.


Yes! Microsoft claims to have sold 50k units of Hololens so far. This info comes from this video on YouTube: The video comes from European Inventor Award being organised in Europe. Alex Kipman is one the nominees for the best inventor for his works in holoportation and Hololens device. In the video Kipman explains how Hololens works. The narrator of the videos does states that Microsoft has sold 50k copies of the device so far;")


Apparently even the name doesn't seem to be confirmed, with it already late. I'm not quite sure but shouldn't it have been released in March (03) of 2018? I can't seem to find a proper feature list too anywhere.

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